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Houp's Acres
Hunting Info

Booking A Hunt

  • Reservations should be made in advance.
  • Checks are accepted for the deposit only.
  • 20% deposit is required at the time the hunt is booked.
  • Deposit is nonrefundable but may be transferred to another date.
  • Written confermation of deposit and hunt booked will be sent to hunter.
  • Final cash payment is due after animal is taken.
  • Any animal wounded must be taken.
  • Sunday hunting is premitted.
  • A guide and field dressing of deer are available at no charge.
  • Nearby meat processing available at owners expence.
  • Taxidermist available in this area.
  • Camp on premises at no extra charge.
  • References available on request.

Hunting Dates

September 1st thru January 31

Hunting Area is approximately 120 acres of thick woods designed for a one or two day hunt.
  • Stands and blinds are provided.
  • Only one hunter per hunt allowed to carry weapon in hunting area.
  • No hunting licence required.


  • Safety is the first priority during all aspects of the hunt.
  • Fair chase rules apply (tree stand, still hunt, blinds and drives.)
  • A guide is in charge of each hunt.
  • Hunt as long as you need to select and harvest your choice of animal.

Houp's Acres* Van Amber Rd* Castorland * NY* 13620