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Houp's Acres


     Houp's Acres is a privately owned and operated hunting preserve in beautiful N.Y. in the foot hills of the Adirondack Mountains. We're just an hour away from some of the best salmon fishing ever.
     We have been raising deer and elk for over 15 years and are always striving to produse high quality game for our clients. With the right feeding program and quality genetics, we are producing large bodied animals with great horn size and mass.
     We cater to all hunters,especially the young and the disabled sportsman. We strive to make every hunter feel safe and satisfied.
     Hunters have their choice of weapons. Only one hunter per day unless you choose to bring a friend. We have a comfortable cabin at no charge.
     We use quality whitetail does with top quality bucks for our breeding. We sell bucks,does and fawns for breeding stock when available. Our goal is to produce quality whitetail,mule deer and elk for people to enjoy a trophy hunting experience.

Houp's Acres


High Quality Bucks

Houp's Acres* Van Amber Rd* Castorland * NY* 13620